Guidelines for SERC

Allocation of SERC setter

Guide to the contents of a SERC and it planning

BULSCA judges panel review process

Old SERC can be found on some results from 08-09 and all results from the 09-10 season onwards including the championships.

An overview of Process is below. This may miss stept full detaisl are in the above documents.

SERCS have to be reviewed prior to use in a competition. It is the responsibility of the competition organiser to find two SERC writers for their competition and to submit the names of those two SERC setters the the BULSCA Judges panel. (Rule This is done by sending the names of the SERC setters to and

SERC setters can only write 1 dry SERC and 1 wet SERC per season unless permission has been obtained from the BULSCA committee. In order to write a freshers competition incident the SERC writer must have written two SERCs of the type they wish to write (dry or wet) in the last 3 years. (This is at the discretion of the Judges Panel)

It is then for the SERC setter to submit their SERC to the Judges Panel 21 days prior to the competition so it can be checked and reviewed as per the flow chart below.

It is also important that you obtain a list of any items such a props & hazard tape that the SERC Setters require. You may also be asked to print mark sheets and casualty briefs for the incident but these will be supplied to you by the SERC Setter.

SERC Review ProcessSERC Review Process