Speed Events

The events take place very much like a swimming race. Everyone starts on a whistle then the first person to finish wins. It is a simple as that really.

Below is a list of the events we do, have look and see what you think of them. CLick on an individual link for more details.

Line Throw Competitors coil and throw a rope to a simulated casualty, then pull them to safety as fast as they can. Rope Throw
Manikin Carry The carry events focus on the lifesaving skill of the contact rescue, modified to form a competitive event. In carry events, the competitor lugs a full 8.5stone manikin over a set distance usually having swum the same distance to reach it. Manikin Carry
Obstacle Swim and dive  under submerged obstacle gates. Obstacle
Fins Use fins to propel you though the water even faster.Fin events focus on the use of fins as a piece of rescue equipment.  Good leg strength and stamina are needed in both individual events. Fins
Endurance These events are designed to test the competitor’s endurance levels with a range of skills. Endurance
Relays Multiple competitors combining to exhibit the skills above.