4 x 12m Line Throw

The aim of the event is for the team members to each coil a rope then throw it to the next member of their team who is 12m away. They then pull them in and that person will recoil the rope and throw it to the next team member until all 4 have been pulled in. The team who successfully pulls all 4 team members in the quickest time wins.

The thrower coils the line as fast as he/she can and throw to the catcher.  He/she catches the rope if in reach of it.  An almost purely skills based event, the rope throw otherwise known as the line throw is always a thrilling event to watch as everyone hopes the rope will hit it’s target first time.

During BULSCA League Competitions the catcher must not kick their legs and must keep their head above the water, the thrower must do all the work!

The rules for the event are contained in the BULSCA Competition Manual.