AGM 2016

Date: Saturday 23rd April 2016
Time: 09:00
Location: Council Chamber, Student’s Union,  Loughborough University, LE11 3TT
The student’s union is located next to the swimming pool. If you enter the
university via the epinal way entrance there is a pay and display, public car
park just to the right before the security gate.

AGM Summary
Final Agenda
Pre AGM Committee Meeting Minutes
Competition Bids
Procedures for Dealing with Proposals

AGM Minutes

Items for the Agenda
Items for the agenda must be sent to by midday on Wednesday 13th April 2016 to ensure their
acceptance. Late proposals may be accepted at the discretion of the BULSCA
Secretary. Do not wait to raise items in AOB as this can make the meeting very
long and might mean your proposal does not get discussed.

Proposals must be submitted with an executive summary that is no longer than 2
pages. Executive summaries must use the template attached to this email. In
addition to this summary you may also provide supplementary documents to support
your proposal.

An agenda for the meeting, which contains the executive summaries for all
proposals, will be released by 18.00 on Saturday the 16th April 2016.

Competition Applications
If you are applying to host a competition for the 2016/17 season then you need
to fill out a competition application pack as well as a financial planning sheet to be emailed to no later than midday on Wednesday 13th April. Competitions
will be allocated as according to the Competition Allocation Procedure.

Reserved Competition Dates: Please note that the following dates are considered
reserved and competitions cannot take place on them. They are as follows:
Freshers Competition: 29th October 2016
RLSS National Championships: 5th November 2016
RLSS National Speeds: TBC (Expected 1st – 2nd March 2017)
BULSCA National Championships: TBC (Expected 11th – 12th March 2017)

Committee Positions
At the AGM we will elect the BULSCA Committee for 2016/17 as well as appoint a
Welfare Officer. There are 7 positions available. These are Chair, Secretary,
Treasurer, Club Development Officer, Data Manager, Championships Co-Ordinator
and Communications(Social Media). Anyone is free to run for these positions and
as always it is encouraged that current students take these roles where
possible. Full details of all the roles can be found in the constitution and if
you’ve got any questions feel free to contact the current incumbent of the role
to get advice.

If you would like to run for a position then you can either nominate yourself on
the day or if you would like you are welcome to submit a short blurb to about why you are running to be
included in the Agenda. This must be submitted by midday Wednesday 13th April.

Supporting Documentation

Governance Documentation
BULSCA Constitution v2.3
BULSCA General Meeting Procedures
BULSCA Disciplinary Policy
BULSCA Finance Policy
BULSCA Online Voting Procedures
BULSCA Agenda Proposal Form
Competition Rule Books
BULSCA Competition Manual 2015/16
List of Amendments to the Competition Manual
Championships Rule Book
RLSS Speeds 2015
RLSS Nationals Rules 2016

BULSCA Policy Documents
Safe Drinking Policy
Composite Teams Document
Officiating Pathway Document

Previous Meeting Minutes
Minutes from the Mid Season Meeting
Minutes from the 14th BULSCA AGM
Minutes from Previous Years