Running an NPLQ Course


To run NPLQ courses, your site or club must be an Approved Training Centre.

3 months prior to the course

  • Decide on dates of course
  • Arrange a Pool Lifeguard Trainer Assessor to teach the course, and check their qualifications
  • Submit pool bookings to Sports Centre
  • Negotiate price for hire
  • Notify ATC Co-ordinator
  • Book dry space for the whole course (ideally in a room which you can lock, and potentially the evening before for room set up)

2 months prior to the course

  • Decide on Fee
    • How much does the club want to raise from the course?
      • More from externals?
      • Trainers fees?
      • Use of wipes?
      • Payment / Finance charges?
      • You’ll have to pay for NPLQ Candidate Packs
    • How are you going to take payments – cash / cheque / card payment online via your SU / AU?
  • Can you do Emergency First Aid at Work bolt-on (is the trainer suitably qualified)?
  • Can you do the AED bolt-on (is the trainer qualified, or can you bring someone in for it)?
  • Publicise on your website
  • Make an Application Form available
  • Set an application deadline
  • Register the course on RLSS Courses ( – include a link to the website!

Once Bookings are Open…

  • Answer enquiries about courses, and keep checking for postal bookings.
  • You need application forms from everyone! The TA will need these for the course and they have to be filed with ATC paperwork for 7 years…

4 weeks before the course

  • Start looking for assessors, proportional to number of candidates.  One suggestion is to book enough assessors for those who have paid, and keeping one additional apprised that we might want them dependent on interest so they kept the date free. Beware – Christmas and July are difficult to find assessors due to number of courses running at that time, Christmas parties / Summer Holidays.

3 weeks before the course

  • Expect a flurry of external candidates to start booking.
  • At this point, you should have a Course Welcome letter ready in PDF (where to go on the first day, what time, what to expect, what to bring), send it out to existing bookings and send it out to all bookings from this point as they book.

2 weeks before the course

  • Either this week or next week you need to order the candidate resources. They come within a week for standard shipping (£6), but you can pay £10 for Next Day shipping – so decide if the extra £4 is worth keeping applications open for longer – they must be ordered to arrive the working day before the course.
    • Order with an NPLQ Course Materials order form – either scan and send in by email, or order by phone.
    • Treasurer: if ordering well in advance, use a Purchase Order Requisition, otherwise, use a Money Request for the Credit Card and ring IQL on the Order Line on the orange form.

 1 week before the course

  • You’ll get a flurry of questions this week…
  • Make sure you have started a folder of paperwork for the course.
  • Send Assessor booking letters out (where to be, what time, what they should bring), if you haven’t already
  • The TA taking the course should sort themselves out for on-course materials – but you might need to photocopy
    • Printed Schedule & copy for each candidate
    • Mock Assessment Matrices
    • Personal Performance Registers
    • ILSF Certificate Request forms for international student candidates
    • Timed Swims record
    • Fit for Work record
    • Complaints & Appeals
    • Printed copy of Pool Bookings confirmation from Sports Centre
    • Course Evaluation forms
    • Emergency First Aid at Work stuff (if running)
    • Before the course starts you must do manikin maintenance – and you must record this on paper and file it with the ATC
    • Decide if you have to do an Internal Verification – you probably have to, confirm with your ATC Co-ordinator.

Post Course

  • ATC documentation needs to be sent off, as per the requirements from Purple and Red Stripes
  • Update the ATC’s assessor use list
  • Send off the white copies of assessment report forms to IQL UK (you’ve a 7 day deadline).