Survive & Save Instructor

Lifesaving Instructor - Sept 2012Do you want to teach and assess the National Lifesaving Awards?

The Survive & Save Instructor qualification is a two day course, followed by up to 10 hours experience building at your Lifesaving club, allowing you to both teach and assess the Survive & Save programme.

It is taught by a Survive & Save Instructor Tutor, of which the leading two Instructor Tutors in the UK are involved in BULSCA. The course covers details about the awards programme, administration, how to teach, how to assess, practical teaching and assessing, with plenty of discussion.

This course can be run at your Lifesaving club – you simply need 4 hours of pool time, a dry room for 2 days, and to persuade an Instructor Tutor.

Candidates must have current RLSS UK Membership, a current Life Support 3 (or equivalent, such as NPLQ/NBLQ), and either already have lifesaving experience (a Silver S&S award, Heritage award or NPLQ/NBLQ) or the Instructor Tutor must teach the ‘Additional Lifesaving Skills’ module.

To enquire about this course, contact the Club Development Officer.