Boot Camp Resources 2015

We thank the speakers for their contribution:

We will add more as they are received:

Club Strategy (Sam O’Connor)

Recruitment (Andrea Roberts)

SERC Panel (Steve Tedds, Felix Ng and Oli Coleman)

Lifesaving Speed Events (Sam O’Connor)

Coaching (Mile Johanssen)

Slides (PDF,Powerpoint)

Writing SERCs for training (Rebecca Sindall)

Slides (PDF,Powerpoint)
Detail Document (PDF)

Captaincy (David Brown)

RLNI Head Cam Videos
Youtube   (Birmingham A 0:22-3:10, Warwick A 0:27-3:00)
MP4 files (Birmingham AWarwick A)

Look at the contrasting styles but both effective, time stamps for videos are above.

Beyond BULSCA – getting involved in the RLSS (Cathy Baldwin)
Presi Presentation (Link)

Improving the Mid-Abilty Swimmer (Oliver Coleman)

Slides (Powerpoint warning very large file, PDF)
Slides and Notes (PDF)

Starts and turns in the pool (Oliver Coleman and Adam Martin)
Roles and responsibility in Diving Slides (PDF, Powerpoint)
RLSS UK Diving Gudiance (PDF)
RLSS UK Diving Check Sheet(PDF)
Sample Risk Assessment (PDF)(See Slides for suggested changes)



List of all the Files, This does not contain the youtube links. Click here